martes, 18 de marzo de 2008

m0n ch3r am! Camba Cat3


N0 s3 hac!a d0nd3 d!r!g!r la m!rada y 3v!tar as!, last!mar m! 3s3nc!a; abs0lutam3nt3 c0nc3ntrada 3n 3ll0 m3 3nc0ntraba cuand0 3scuch3 su v0z am!ga ll3gand0 d3sd3 l3j0s, pr0c3d!3nd0 d3sd3 m!s ad3ntr0s.

S0pla 3l v!3nt0 n0rt3 y junt0 c0n su calur0s0 al!3nt0 ll3ga la d3lac!0n d3 la gu3rra, la alt!va v0z d3l ultra cap!tal!sm0 s!n l!m!t3s d3 n!ngún t!p0, pr0v0cand0 su pr!m3ra v!ct!ma, la Clas3 M3d!a d3 su pr0p!a t!3rra.

Bufa 3l g3l!d0 v!3nt0 d3l Sur y tra3 la acusac!0n d3 qu!3n3s n0 c0mpr3nd!3nd0 nada d3 pr0ducc!0n c0ns!d3ran 3l d3sangrad0 d3 l0s pr0duct0r3s y la 3c0n0m!a n3c!am3nt3 d!r!g!da la gran s0luc!0n.

N!ngun0 d3 3st0s cam!n0s 3xtr3m0s 3s la alt3rnat!va para la g3nt3 d3 trabaj0 n0 0bstant3, l0s !nt3r3s3s 0rd3nan; s3an 3st0s l0s d3 las 3mpr3sas d3 p3tr0l30 y armam3nt0, 0 l0s d3 l0s caud!ll0s m3d!3val3s qu3 sup!m0s c0ns3gu!r.


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Thank you very much for your visit and comment. I have visited your blog, and actually I use one of those printers..haha.
A hug and thanks again